Belique Darock discovered electronic music already when he was very young - in the late 80s. With Kraftwerk started the beginning of this unbreakable love of nearly any kind of electronic sound. In 1993 his friend Mirco De Govia took him first time to a underground techno party - in legendary Feuerwache Kamenz. After the party was finished and all guest were gone the party organizers - which were very friendly and became good friends - invited them for breakfast. Meanwhile he got behind the decks. That was the day the DJ career started. With the time he played several locations before he moved to Canary Islands. He started to play for Occidental (Fuerteventura). First gigs in the Canarian 'scene' in 2005 as a pioneer at the incredible Beach Party Series "Playa de la Senora". With the offer to play in the brand new and biggest club in the south of the island "MAFASCA - The Legend" he extended his range also to several kinds of music - especially Black and Latin. Gigs followed in different locations and all well known clubs in the south of Fuerteventura - like Klamotte Jandia, Noche Tropical and Cuba Libre. Since 2006 resident in MAFASCA - sharing the decks with Paco Medina. International artists like Rhona Rolls, the lead singer of Blacklist (South Africa) were joining highlightning sets in the house/techno party series of the club. Belique Darock played as well for 4 and 5 star hotels in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote - often with other artists on drums, guitar, saxophone, bongos and a very nice african instrument called "balafon". And not to forget he also rocked the amazing Platoon Show events. His style today is classic techno - crossing minimal (as he likes it since years) - but also aweful electro sounds and a kind of tribal or pumping "percussive" rhythms.

Latest news: This year will be published some own productions. So watch out! You'll get the news first - of course here on

He says: "I love electronic music!"

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